Saturday, 3 May 2014

Feeling Mellow In Yellow

Mustard. What a sexiful colour. I just love it! This shirt was snagged from my
 51-year-old-I-hate-bright-colours uncle's wardrobe. Its brilliantly oversized therefore making it hella versatile. Irons and I don't get a long, as you can see.

Today I decided to wear my uncle's shirt (now claimed by me) with some washed out denim shorts and a cheeky strapback. This snapback was bought on Ebay for...wait for it...three pound.Can I get an Amen? I rolled the sleeves to give the shirt a grungey sort of look (also because they would have been at my knees.) whilst leaving the bottom baggy. 

As for the shorts,This pair of ripped washed outs are also economically bought from Ebay. Yes. Bargains are life and Mustard Shirts, are the future.
These are the probably the oldest pair of earrings I own. Sadly, they are starting to turn but they can go black for all I care. They will still be a part of my life, okay you get the point. I purchased these from Claires and this velvety deep purple lipstick I wore today was snatched from Topshop. The colour name is "Depth" and it was eight pounds.
                                Are you #Teamdarklips or are you #Teamnudelips ?

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